*2024* 555 Team Challenge

We are excited to announce the Antelope Running Club's first ever collaborative effort... the 555 Team Challenge

How Does It Work?

  • Use our Facebook Group, Instagram Page or other connections to link up with other Antelope Runners and form a team to complete the challenge. Your team can be any number of people -- there's no limit!

  • With your team, work to complete a total of 555 miles from March 1 to April 24, 2024 (that's 55 days)
    • Any and all exercise counts!
    • 3 miles BIKING = 1 mile Run
    • 1 mile SWIMMING = 4 miles Run
    • 30 minutes of YOGA = 1 mile Run
    • 15 minutes of CLIMBING = 1 mile Run
    • 20 minutes of STRENGTH TRAINING = 1 mile Run
    • 1 QUIDDITCH MATCH = 3 miles Run
    • 1 ASCENT OF MOUNT ICCULUS = 420 miles Run
    • 10 laps on a MULTIBEAST = 1 mile Run

  • Each member of your team must register and enter their miles separately on a tracker. You can then check to see your team's total progress.

Sign Me Up!

  • Register for the 555 Team Challenge with THIS LINK

  • There is a place on the form to choose your Team, or to create a new team (with "Other")

What about SWAG!?

  • Like all of our events, participation is 100% free and open to everyone: Antelopes, Camel-Walkers, Slow/Fast Llamas, Unit Monsters and Sloths
  • You can buy optional SWAG at this site. You can choose unisex T-shirts, women's cut T-shirts, unisex tank tops or women's cut (racerback) tank tops.
    There will also be an optional additional charge ($25 per team) to have your Team Name printed on the back

Now, set the gearshift to the high gear of your soul, cause we're ABOUT TO RUN