Winterqueen Holiday Hustle

The Winterqueen Holiday Hustle is a series of runs in November/December to help us all stay healthy and keep moving during the holiday season (and to train ourselves for YEMSG!)  

To celebrate the following holidays, virtually run a 5k (or longer, or shorter) on the following dates:

Thursday, November 24: Thanksgiving Guyute Gallop
(Recommended Listening: 10/20/10 Guyute)

December 18: Hannukah Harry Hood Hoedown
(Recommended Listening: 11/12/94 Hood)

December 24: You Enjoy My "Elf" Christmas Dash
(Recommended Listening: 10/31/95 YEM)

December 26: Kwanza Rise/Come Together and Amble
(Recommended Listening: 7/6/19 Rise/Come Together)

December 31: New Year's Eve Find Yourself a City to Run In
(Recommended Listening: 8/10/97 Cities)


1. Complete this form to register. 

2. For each run, you will fill out a Google Form to submit your distance and time (if you want).  In the days after each run, you will be emailed a virtual badge for successfully completing your run. 

Is there a Winner? 

We are all winners for getting out there! 

What Does it Cost?

Registration is FREE.  Due to the limited space in all of our T-shirt drawers, we're not doing shirts/swags for this one.

How Can I Learn More and Stay Involved? 

We will email you with updates along the way.  You should definitely follow Antelope Running Club on Facebook Groups and Instagram @AntelopeRunningClub. The hashtag #WinterqueenHustle is encouraged on all platforms!