Couch To Mondegreen


Worried that you're not yet TRAINED FOR TOUR?

Don't stress -- the Antelope Running Club is here to help you get from Couch-to-5K with the training plan below.
So set the gearshift to high... cause we're about to run!

Running is always more fun with phriends. Join us every Saturday on tour for group meet up runs. All paces welcome: Antelopes, Sloths, Lizards and Fast/Slow Llamas taboot.

At each Saturday run, runners who donate at least $10 to the Waterwheel Foundation will receive a raffle ticket for some cool, limited edition, Phishy prizes!
More information will be available at each Saturday run.

If you do the profound math, you'll see that this is a lot of time on your feet. So whatever you do, take care of your shoes! 

Disclaimer: Check with your physician before starting any new exercise program. The Antelope Running Club is here for fun and good vibes, but we are not medical or training experts.